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How do I prepare for a lead inspection?

Need a lead inspection?  I can help.

How to Prepare

Please make sure the property is ready before the inspection.  This will save you time and money because if the property fails it will have to be re-inspected.

There are two parts to the inspection:

1. Visual Inspection:  There can be no chipping or peeling paint anywhere at the property.

2. Dust swipes:  Dust samples must also be collected.  Make sure the house is spotlessly clean.  Dust can come from anywhere, and if the dust contains lead the property could fail the inspection.

Wooden Windows

If you own a rental property with old wooden windows, you may want to consider pay the expense of having them replaced with vinyl windows.  Lead inspectors are required to take two samples per room in any room containing wooden windows, including one in the window well.  The window well often contains dust (which may contain lead) caused by friction wearing down the paint when the window sashes are moved up and down.

You can have the property inspected with wooden windows, but you should make sure the window well (the part inside the window after the window has been raised) is free of any dirt or dust.  Clean the window wells with Simple Green or similar cleaning fluid shortly before the inspection.

MDE Tracking Numbers

An MDE tracking number is a number the MDE issues to an owner for all properties for that owner.  This number is listed on every lead certificate.

If you do not already have a tracking number, you need to obtain one from MDE at 410-537-3825.  Normally they will give you one over the phone.  However, if you are unable to reach them you can email them at  They will send you a tracking number and password by email, which you can use to register (or renew) your property online at the link below:


I normally charge $200 for a rowhouse or average sized detached house.  Large houses could run a little more and condos and apartments a little less.  If the property has old single pane wooden windows the fee will be higher because I'm required to take twice as many samples.