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Miscellaneous Tips on Preparing for Inspections

Here are some miscellaneous tips to help make your Baltimore County Rental Inspection or lead paint inspection go smoothly.


1.  Notify Your Tenants:

If you are going to meet me at the property you should let your tenants know in advance we're coming, so we don’t cause any inconvenience.

If the tenant is to let me in, work out a convenient time for them.  Or if you prefer I can contact them directly.

The tenant is not required to be home:  As long as I have access to the property I can do the inspection.  Some tenants may want to be home.  It all depends on the relationship you have with them.  Usually you should give them at least 24 hours notice.

2.  Hide Vicious Pets:

If the tenant is not going to be home, make sure they put away any pets that may bite.

If the tenant is to let me in, also make sure they put away any vicious pets.

3.  Be Prepared

This saying is as true now as when the Boy Scouts made it their motto.  On this website you can find wealth of information on how to prepare for both Baltimore County Rental Inspections and lead paint inspections.  I also ask questions on the phone to make sure you are prepared.  Try to start preparing early if possible.

4.  Perform Any Necessary Minor Repairs

Missing a smoke detector?  Small leak under the sink?  Take care of those issues before I come.  Here’s what I look for in a rental inspection:

5.  Clean Properly

Your tenants should be keeping the house reasonably clean anyway.  If the property is vacant, make sure it is clean before the inspection.  This mainly applies to lead inspections because I have to take a dust sample in every room – either from the floor or window sill.

6.  Don’t Freak Out

It really isn’t that big of deal.  Rental inspections normally just take about 10 minutes, assuming everything’s in order.  Lead inspections take a little longer, and times vary, depending on the size of the house.