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Understanding the Baltimore County Rental Registration Process

If you own a rental property in Baltimore County you are required to obtain a Rental License.  I can help you with this process.  First you need to fill out the three-page Application for a Rental License.  Alternatively you can register online.

Next you need Baltimore County Rental Inspection sheet filled out by a licensed Home Inspector, of which I am one.  And you need a Carbon Monoxide Verification Form, which needs to be signed by the landlord and the tenant.  I will supply you with both of these forms.

Thirdly, if the property was built before 1978 you also need to register with MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) and comply with their regulations regarding lead paint.  I am a certified Lead Paint Visual Inspector, Inspector Technician, and Lead Paint Contractor, so I can help you with those requirements as well.

Baltimore County’s website has a lot of helpful information regarding the Baltimore County Rental Registration process.  You can read it here:


Forms you need for your Baltimore County Rental License (I can provide everything):